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Company Histroy

In 1985:

Founded JeFa Enterprise Co., and joined the Taoyuan County Machinery Trade Union in the same year.  The first factory located in Taoyuan City of north Taiwan.

In 1989: 

Created new factory for the necessary of business increasing in domestic, the same year changed comapany name to Jen Heh Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. 

In 1992: 

It has successively received order commitments to manufacture High-Precision metal parts for domestic well-known technology clients such as TECO, HITACHI, TELC, CPC Corporation, Taiwan and National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology...etc.  This year Jen Heh expended US$80 million to strengthen equipments,  introduced a new type of CNC machine from Japan, thus Jen Heh moved towards high-precision machining in the field.

In 1996: 

Jen Heh expanded businesses and strengthened metal processing abilities, so that successively received order commitments from Evergreen Aerospace Technology Co., Far East DuPont, and Joint Service Arsenal of satellite production systems such as aerospace technology, heavy industry, and defense industry etc.

In 2005:

Jen Heh got ISO 9001 certification, same year took over tasks for the domestic central mint. 

In 2010: 

Got new version ISO 9001: 2008 (the updatest version) certification. 

In 2022: 

Jen Heh is ready to do Export Business, uphold the cultural and traditional spirit of being loyal to customers, coupled with outstanding metal processing skills capabilities, Jen Heh produces more sophisticated processing parts for well-known overseas customers, creating a new era business and leading us towards to a new chapter in history.