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Metal Machining Capability: 

JEN HEH Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has achieved outstanding performance in recent years, and is widely trusted by customers in various fields.  In order to provide more widely Metal Processing products, fast delivery and best service, JEN HEH regularly hire corporate management consultants to enducate and train all levels employees in a planned way.   So that the company can serve customers more efficiently with higher-quality products, and move towards the field of internationalization.  

Main Business Scope: 

Including various precision metal parts processing; such as CNC / Lathing / Milling / Grinding processing parts which can be come from motor shafts, water removers, aviation parts, electronic parts, medical parts...etc.  JEN HEH is also familier with metal materials exporting and importing business, as well as to act for an agent of related metal parts products for domestic and overseas clients.